La May's Tree Service, Inc.
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Tree Moving






Our Trees on the Move staff are trained in moving trees and shrubs in several ways.

1. Tree Spade: Depending on size, location, and type of tree, the use of a tree spade may be called for. We own 3 different size spades (44", 70", and 90").  Using a tree spade is beneficial because it does not disrupt the roots of the trees as other methods do, making it easier for the tree to adapt to it's new area.

2. Hand digging: As with the tree spade, our staff is extremely competent in hand digging trees and shrubs and moving them balled and burlaped. Ball and burlaping a tree is a lost art and the key to a successful move.

3. Pneumatic Air Spade. In certain situations, namely when it is impossible to either hand dig or spade move a tree, we use an air spade. This actually removes all dirt from the roots and allows us to move the tree in a state called "bare root". We have had great success with this.